Rival Sons, Get What’s Coming.

I’m a little biased towards Rival Sons, having been introduced through their first E.P. and liking them ever since, superior then The Answer in every way they are an example of the style of record making I one day hope to be involved in.


The Answer, Under The Sky.

The Answer are a blues rooted rock group that have retained the atmosphere of analog recording techniques throughout their career. I think they are an example of the need to either maintain analog techniques or learn to create convincing emulations of them.

I’m In The Mood, John Lee Hooker.

I feel it is only appropriate to provide a link to this video as it inspired the lyrics to my piece, much in the same way that Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Howlin’ Wolf “inspired” the lyrics to a vast majority of Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones’ back catalogue. The lyrics for my piece had been written and established in my own mind but I wanted to do this piece as a newer form as I feel it’s best to let songs develop over time. Taking this piece back to a blues root lyrically felt more natural as opposed to the forced feelings that the original lyrics held.