“I like it when…

“I like it when two guitarists play complementary
parts that make interesting chords and mesh like a
wall of sound,” says Rich. “Like on ‘Black Moon
Creeping. That’s me at the end just playing three
notes and him playing some weird thing, but it sounds
so full.” Marc used his Les Paul on most tracksthough
for the solos on No Speak No Slave and Remedy he
reverted to his Strat Plus armed with Seymour Duncan
pickups. Rich used his Gibson 335 for “Sting Me and a
Gretsch White Falcon for both the into and the slide
work on “Morning Song.” The rest of the time he
switched between a brace of old Les Paul Juniors,
vintage telecasters (one with a B-String bender on it
for Black Moon Creeping), and three Gibson Dove

The Black Crowes discussing The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion, their second album and the style of guitar interplay on certain tracks. This seems very similar to Keith Richards’ views on “the ancient art of weaving”.


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