more on drums

My previous post “the “Bonham” sound”, which showed a method of mic’ing drums preferred by Glyn Johns, needs to be expanded a bit. The drum sound I’m going for has to be big, huge even. Butch Vig’s work on Nevermind by Nirvana should be cited as an influence, little tricks like drum tunnels to increase the bass response and ambient sampling on the drums to provide a more punchy overall sound. The lighter production touches of Jimmy Miller are something I am unsure about including as his tends to be more a style of playing than recording. The quality of the drum sounds on The Rolling Stones back catalog is a bit hit and miss, the initial mix of “Exile On Main St” being, well, awful.The remastered releases have a lot more snap to them, the immediacy of the percussion is apparent and justifies the Stones chart topping position of the era. 


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