Second Lecture

Second Lecture

This lecture brought more to my mind of how a studio can be used as an instrument itself, whilst the tools inside it can define the outcome of a recording. For my recording I used an AKG c414 to capture the room sound of the guitar amp whilst a Shure SM58 was my speaker mic.Choosing the AKG came as the result of our discussions in lessons as to what suited the role of catching ambiance and our practical setup and recording sessions. The SM58 was chosen due to its reputation for reliability, to be brutally honest here I still cannot tell the difference between an SM58 and an SM57 and would have chosen either given their consideration as industry standards. Having discussed this with peers the opinion seems to be that the two are identical in their quality of sound with minimal difference between the two. I feel that whilst using an SM58 may have been a “cop out” choice it suited my needs and over complicating the process would have been unnecessary.


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